Hi. My name is Chris. I like to make photos of happiness and eat cheesecake. I enjoy creating magical environmental portraits, but most of the wedding day I'm a candid photojournalist, searching for moments: a laugh, a tear, amazing dance moves. Finding the bits and pieces that make your day uniquely yours. I want you to forget that I'm there. Like the center of a doughnut, invisible, but surrounded by greatness. I'm not a director and most people I photograph are not actors, so I want you to just enjoy the day and I'll document the magic that just happens, turn it into jpegs, and give them to you to cherish for a lifetime.

Send me a message if you would like some photos of your own with the ones you love.

Hire this guy, give him all your money, seriously, you won’t regret it. Chris was the the second best decision I made for my wedding day. The first best decision was marrying my husband of course, but Chris was definitely the second.

— Monica + Craig // Oakeside Mansion